Enough Talk, More 🔥

I’m all fired up, guys. It’s time to end the talk.

Today, I’m starting vlogging on Instagram and Snapchat (@nicknish) and I’m my blog posts will be far more about documenting the journey than “30 best tips to get you a job as a millennial”. And I’m going for speed. I want a constant stream of my struggles, failures, and successes out for everyone to see. I’m grabbing the life I want and make it.

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4 My Routine As A Remote Freelancer | Nick Nish Vlogs

Hey, y’all! The other day I published my fourth vlog, which is all about my life as a remote freelancer.

I’m answering questions about what a remote freelancer is, what my routine is like, in addition to what challenges they pose.

The more I’ve been creating, the more creating has become easier. And I’m happy to say that the whole process is becoming smoother and more fun to do. So I’m hoping to stomp on the accelerator and really get more content out for you guys. 😜

What continues to be a struggle is to live outwardly. I struggle to communicate my truth through my writing and vlogging. I struggle to deliver content consistently. I’m wondering what things I need to do to develop the skills to push me in the direction that I want to be in. Anyhow, I’ll explore this more in an upcoming vlog! Thanks for reading, guys!

3 Projects | Nick Nish Vlogs

What’s up guys! I just threw up my the latest vlog, which is all about my current projects. I really think side-projects are often more important than our main gig – they have no limitations and push our limits!

This is a bit different than the last two vlogs which were more educational. This will be more personal, so you guys can get a deeper look into my life.

(whispers) See the last 30sec to see me screwing up the intro.

I’ve done a few things differently for this vlog:

  • Created 1st iteration of video thumbnails.
  • Create 1st iteration of my YouTube channel art.
  • More personal.

I’ll be continually working on these, but they’ll work for now. Remember, we’re going for high output and speed, not perfection.

I’ve got a lot more ideas in the works, and I’m sharpening my edge every time I get in front of the camera.

The Learn Log: Rapid Learning and Remembering Forever

I use Evernote to learn rapidly and remember what I learn forever. It’s how my co-workers, without prompting, have mentioned that I learn more quickly than others.
This is my answer. I use this simple journaling practice, which I call the Learn Log, to radically speed up my learning process and information recall. As a result of doing it daily, it has given me a huge sense of momentum and made learning more effective.

The Learn Log

Imagine if we remembered everything we came across in a day. We would learn new information and skills blazing fast.
I think the reason why we can’t remember everything is that it takes time to move what we learn from rote to long-term memory. We also don’t have the opportunity to apply what we’ve learned at the time that we learn it.
So I’ve stopped relying on my memory when learning most new information. Instead, I rely on Evernote to record while I’m learning. Then, I leverage search to rapidly recall. I’ve stopped forgetting concepts that I learned weeks ago, and if I run into a similar problem I don’t have to Google and waste time rediscovering.
Here’s how you get started. Follow these four simple steps:
  1. Create a notebook called the “Learn Log”
  2. Every day create a note called “Learn Log – Jun 2, 2017 (Friday)”. Change the date accordingly.
  3. Start documenting what you learned.
  4. Utilize Evernote’s search to quickly find anything that you’ve learned.
  5. (Optional) Every weekend, select the notes from the week and merge them. Then, rename the note the Learn Log Roundup – June 1 – 7.


Shortcuts to Remember

Look into your keyboard shortcuts in Evernote preferences and find and memorize these shortcuts.

Search in Evernote
Evernote Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts
The above shortcut will open the Evernote window and focus the search bar. This allows you to search incredibly fast from anywhere when you’re using your computer.
Insert Date
Evernote Preferences > Formatting
Use this shortcut to insert the date where your cursor is. This is how I quickly create the note title.


When we’re starting a new habit, it’s important to take out the friction as much as possible. I’m on my computer every weekday, so I use Zapier to create Learn Log notes for me. Here’s the Evernote-Zapier zap.

Some tips

  • Document while you’re learning. If you’re watching a tutorial, take notes at the same time. Don’t wait until the end of the day.
  • Summarize don’t copy. Make the information pertinent and punchy. Then, link to the information source if you need more information.
  • Link to other notes and include source links for future reference.
  • It’s often more important to know what’s possible rather than try to retain everything you learn, so instead of trying to record the entirety of a concept, focus on making the information easy to search for. If I don’t have time to learn everything from a blog post, I’ll often write down an important takeaway and link to the source.
  • Take screenshots for visual references.
  • Delete and prune any notes that remain empty. They’ll only add more cruft when you search.
  • Create a section for questions. Try to answer them by the end of the day.
  • To help establish what I’ve learned, I create a weekly roundup of the notes and review it. In addition to being a fast reference, having fewer, medium-sized notes is faster for retrieving information with Evernote’s search results.