Enough Talk, More 🔥

I’m all fired up, guys. It’s time to end the talk.

Today, I’m starting vlogging on Instagram and Snapchat (@nicknish) and I’m my blog posts will be far more about documenting the journey than “30 best tips to get you a job as a millennial”. And I’m going for speed. I want a constant stream of my struggles, failures, and successes out for everyone to see. I’m grabbing the life I want and make it.

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Charities: I Desperately Want to Contribute

Sometimes donating a small amount can have a vast effect on a large scale, but other times your time and unique skills may be far more valuable when applied correctly. Instead of giving $10 once every few months, maybe I can find ways to help market Planned Parenthood so they can go from speaking to 5 million people to 50 million people!

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Facing Discomfort Every Day

… I am trying to face my fears as well. It’s hard. It’s REALLY scary. But at the end of the day, I am hoping that it will motivate me to be the person we can be.

My friend Marissa sent me a beautiful, honest message on Monday, the day after I started vlogging. It was a response to one of my first vlogs on Instagram/Snapchat talking about how I was afraid of the camera. But I feel like if avoid discomfort, I’ll never grow into the person I want to be.

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How to use Work Logs to be more professional and improve your creative work

I’m still early in my freelancing journey as a creative, but I’ve found a work log to be indispensable. It can be a physical journal or any writing software, but I prefer Evernote so I can have a fully searchable, ongoing journal of my work.

The two main benefits of a work log are proof of work and prioritization.

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The Best Sublime Text 3 Plugins

With all the new entrants into web development, I think talking about our development environments is a cool way to share tools and improve our inefficiencies. Sublime Text is my editor of choice for development. It’s a simple, but powerful text editor with nearly unlimited customizations and a wealth of plugins that extend the power and look of your tool.

And customization of your tools is important. If you’re going to work with a tool for hours, you should make it yours and be excited to work with it.

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Be human, everywhere

Hey, folks! 👋🏼

Recently, I’ve been getting back into Twitter and I found myself poring over Gary Vaynerchuk’s content again. It’s got me fired up in the best ways, and it came at the right moment.

I want to find ways to talk to a community that constantly inspires me. In the best case scenario, I want to share and help others, but I’ve been struggling to connect in meaningful ways.

I realized I was lacking soul in my interactions with the web. I’m not a robot. I’m not a company or corporation. I had to stop using post scheduling and Twitter lists (like all the marketing blog posts tell you to do), and think that’s going to be enough.

So as a reminder to myself and others:

Let the human from the other side of the computer come through and relentlessly provide value to people. Then, when the time comes that you want them to do something, they’ll happily share, read, buy your work. Remember to be human, kind, and helpful everywhere. This means, not only in real life but also online.



Thank you so much for reading this. No joke, I literally cheer with every page view. If you would take one more moment and share this with someone or tweet at me, it would mean the world to me. See you next time!