Making a Side Project

Recently, I’ve been inspired by the Indie Hackers community, Pieter Levels and Mubashar Iqbal.

I was enjoying Pieter’s book MAKE and Mubashar’s Medium series Make Side Project when I realized it’s time to get off my ass and start building.

Even though I’ve worked as a web developer for 4 years now, I still haven’t developed the skill of creating and shipping products. In addition, there are tons of subsequent skills–design, marketing, talking to customers, etc–that matter when launching products that I’ve never had to learn.

I thought it would be a fun and challenging exercise to build in the open, so the Making a Side Project series was born. This series will showcase the challenges, lessons, and mistakes I make in real-time. I hope by making my first, real side project in the open, you might learn something too.

My attitude is that it doesn’t matter right now to build something great. I just want to strengthen the muscle of shipping product.

Let’s go!

(FYI: I’ll be updating this blog post as I go.)


Part 1 (May 20): Coming up with ideas

Part 2 (May 29): Narrowing down ideas

Author: nicknish

Hey, I'm Nick! Product Developer freelancing. Ultimate rabble-rouser with heart. Exploring all things product, dev, and life.

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