Making a Side Project, Part 2: Narrowing down ideas

Have you read Part 1 of the Making a Side Project series?

In the previous blog post, I talked about how I come up with ideas. Coming out of a week of ideation, here are the top ideas that I’m leaning toward:

FIRE Community


money pink coins pig

Since I heard of Mr. Money Mustache and the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) community from the Tim Ferriss Show I’ve been obsessed with personal finance.

Everyone wants to retire early, but the road to retirement is still unclear and difficult.

There’s tons of financial advice, but it’s still scattered. The online community around early retirement remains concentrated around disparate blogs and Reddit, which buries the best resources in blog posts and books. This creates problem of noise, making it hard to distinguish what is high-quality and targeted advice.

So the idea for this community would be to collect resources so anyone can start their road to retirement. It would invite people around the world to talk about their experiences so that others can learn and replicate their success.

Junior Developer Job Board

working woman technology computer

There’s been a lot of talk recently about how the Junior Developer is dying. The problem is there are too many Junior Developers and not enough companies providing opportunities for mentorship.

This job board would connect companies looking to mentor juniors, so they wouldn’t have to bother with the high frequency hiring channels. There are incumbents already sort-of hitting the mark, but the sites look unmaintained.

Custom Job Board Aggregator

book computer design development

In my recent job hunt, I’ve been grateful yet disappointed by the experience. There are tons of high-quality opportunities for engineers, but sorting through these jobs is still incredibly time consuming and unwieldy.

For example, my process for finding jobs that meet my parameters is to check 15 pinned tabs every day.

Instead of querying over a dozen job boards and aggregators, I’d love to check a single one. What if you could aggregate these job boards into a single, customizable feed? You can turn a job board on and off, or create a custom filter so only jobs with certain parameters show up.

Newsletter Unsubscriber

Newsletters are wonderful and terrible: They are a great way to access deals and amazing content, but more often than not we don’t need them.

It would be great to have an easy way to sort through what you’re subscribed to and easily unsubscribe. Short of using (which sells your email data) and using Google Scripts, another solution would be nice.

Relationship Manager

adult casual collection fashion

I’m bad at relationships, especially business colleagues. In recent years, I’ve begun to keep a list of all the people I meet. Each entry has details like when we met, where I met them, and what I know about them. This has had a profound effect on my life, as I’m able to store important details about people, but I’d like a better way to do this.

This app would store all your contacts, making it easy to never forget anything important about anyone. It can provide reminders to wish your colleagues happy birthday, or to follow up with them once in a while to keep the relationship alive. It would provide a way to keep your relationships healthy and vibrant.

I had a dozen of ideas that I felt were pretty good, but I really like these ones. Each idea seems like a great place to start my first project of the year.

In the next blog post, we’ll decide what to work on and why.

Author: nicknish

Hey, I'm Nick! Product Developer freelancing. Ultimate rabble-rouser with heart. Exploring all things product, dev, and life.

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