Apps I Use

Here are apps that I use on a daily basis. Inspired from Tim Ferriss’s Apps I Use page.


Alfred – macOS app that creates a shortcut to open any app or run a workflow of actions or search things quickly. Kind of like Spotlight on steroids.

Dropbox – Backup files to the cloud. Nothing on my computer isn’t backed up in some way.

Evernote – My external brain, which helps me recall things from months ago with little trouble. This has been crucial for blog post ideas, keeping up with daily learning, and other misc. notes. If you don’t write it down and don’t use that information every day, how can you hope to remember it forever?

Spark/Gmail – Gmail is for Chrome extensions that extend the app’s functionality. Spark is a native Mac app that helps me quickly sort through email fast and beautifully.

Hazel – macOS app that runs rules depending on files. One of my Hazel rules watches for PNG or GIF files in my screenshot folder and runs them through an image optimizer. This makes sharing images faster.

Slack/Discord – The modern way communities are communicating in real-time. I also use Slack in conjunction with IFTTT, Zapier, and Notify to give me daily Google Analytics reports, notify me when people are talking about me or my company, and more.

Endurance – macOS app that extends my battery life by 3-4 hours when I turn it on.

Flux – macOS app that will save your eyes and is more configurable than macOS’s Night Shift. This prevents insomnia and will save your eyes in the long-run.

Fantastical – macOS/iPhone calendar app that parses spoken English and schedules events and todos.

GIPHY Capture – macOS app to create a gif quickly.

Grammarly Chrome Extension – Check your spelling and grammar no matter where you are on the Internet. Also macOS app.

Noizio – macOS app for white noise to increase productivity. You can also combine different white noise sounds. My favorite is a bit of fire and thunderstorm.

Pasteapp – macOS app to save your clipboard with hundreds of items and search it quickly. The best clipboard app out there with an incredible user experience.

Rocket – macOS app to prompt an emoji search by using colon (:) 🚀

1Password – The ultimate password security solution to store and create more secure passwords. Never forget a password again. – Habit tracker that I use every day to help build the habits I want. This is one of my most critical tools to keep me on track with the right things, and without it, I think I would be far less productive or focused.

Overcast – Podcast listener. It looks beautiful, connects with your Twitter to help you discover new podcasts, has saved me 27 hours with its safe speed adjustments features, and is all around the best podcasting experience I’ve had.

Pocket – Save web articles for reading later.

Toby Chrome Extension – Save your tabs for later. Helps prevent context-switching with the user experience that I’ve always wanted.

Headspace – The best meditation guided meditation app, without the woo-wooness. It’s made meditating an important part of who I am and what I do.


Microsoft Visual Studio Code – An amazing, configurable, fast text-editor designed for programmers. Hugely innovative in its developer tools. The transition from Sublime Text was seamless as you can download the keymap during onboarding.

iTerm – Bash terminal that’s highly configurable and easy to use. My favorite feature is the ability to save window arrangements, so I can quickly bootup the amount of windows I need when working on Ruby on Rails projects.

Kaleidoscope – Diff files for Git quickly and beautifully.


Sylo – Connect your Soundcloud, Spotify, and YouTube accounts in a single Mac/iPhone app. Stream almost any song for free.

Personal Finance

Mint – Powerful and free app and webapp that provides an overview of your finances, budgeting, and tips.

Wealthfront/Vanguard – Roboadvisor to help me save for retirement. I have a ROTH IRA and a general Wealthfront savings account that makes money overtime.