Learn to Code

If you’re here, you’re already interested in coding and I’ll save my breath to explain why it’s important.

Here’s the path to learning web development:

  1. Start with HTML and CSS.
  2. Learn JavaScript as a programming language.
  3. Get started with application development.

The best way to learn is by doing. At every step, apply what you learn in the context of doing something of it.

The best free resource is freeCodeCamp.com, which takes you through each of these steps in a projects-based curriculum. It starts with the building blocks of the web, the fundamentals of web programming. Then, it’ll take you through basic application knowledge, algorithms, using different frameworks, and more.

Whenever you have a question, write it down and make a point of finding out the answer.

Get comfortable Googling things. As my friend, Charlie Pruting, said:

It’s more about knowing what’s possible and not necessarily knowing all the vocabulary by heart. It’s always a Google search away if you know what you’re looking for.

Finally, start interacting with the developer community and building more projects. You should listen to podcasts, chime in on Twitter, go to meetups, network with other developers, and email me right now. Go ahead! Say hi and tell me about your goals. 😜

I promise to update this page if I discover something that’s better, but after 5 years of trying a ton of different resources, freeCodeCamp has synthesized the best of all these resources into an efficient way to learn JavaScript and front-end web development.

I’m working on a blog post about how to get your first developer job. More coming soon on that!