Best Digital Nomad Apps, Services, and Tools

Here’s a list of indispensible tools that I use on a daily basis on the road.

For specific travel-related tools, like flight-tracking services, I have a blog post series about travel tips and tools rolling out weekly. Follow this link if you want to see what non-travel related apps and tools I use.

Health Aids

  • Melatonin 1mg – Beat jetlag and encourage good sleep.
  • Multivitamin – Stay healthy while traveling. Getting sick limits what you can do and you enjoyment, plus it’s more stressful when away from home.
  • Blindfold – Better, quicker sleep, especially while in-transit.


  • BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter – Electricity travel converter with 3 grounded plugs and 4 USB ports. This beast is one of the best purchases in the last year. Also comes with a bag to carry everything.
  • Anker Portable Charger – Charge your devices on the go. Perfect for day trips, cafes without plugs, and music festivals.
  • Headphones – Any pair will do, but I like my Wireless BeatsX headphones.
  • Kindle eReader – Any Kindle eReader with a backlight will do.


  • TripIt – App and webapp that connects to your email to create an easy-to-follow itinerary (Free with ads)
  • / Okla Speedtest – Check WiFi and data speeds
  • Workfrom – Find workspaces (Free)
  • NomadList – Find pertinent information for digital nomads on tons of destinations. Paid users join a Slack community, which I’m apart of! (Free and paid)

macOS Apps

  • Convert It – Unit and currency converter. All of the macOS currency apps are pretty bad, but this one gets the job done. (Free)
  • Clocker – Timezone app (Free)
  • Endurance – Battery saver (Paid)
  • Pasteapp / Copied – Clipboard manager (Paid)

iPhone app

  • Google Maps – Tip: Download offline maps and save favorite places to lists (Free)
  • Uber / Lyft
  • GlobeConverter – Currency and unit converter (Free with ads)
  • Copied – Clipboard manager so you don’t have to memorize wifi passwords. Paid version syncs with mac app. (Free and paid)
  • Tile – Physical dongle that lives in my passport or wallet. I keep the app open on my phone and it tracks with Bluetooth where it is. (Paid)
  • Spotify – Stream music. Paid users can download music offline.  (Free with ads)
  • Evernote – Still most reliable note-taking app for offline (Free and paid)
  • Pocket – Save articles for offline reading (Free with ads)
  • Netflix – Stream and download movies and television shows (Paid)
  • Native AirDrop – Wirelessly send files, text, WiFi passwords, and more. See this post raving about it. (Free)
  • Native Clock app – Timezones and alarms. (Free)