Don’t get overwhelmed. There will always be more work to do. Make a list of the top three priorities that give you the most anxiety, then spend all your time taking down the item that gives you the most anxiety. Then knock the next one down. Then the next one.

My list?

  • Get my highest priority work done. That means the two tickets that are stressing me out. Then send the weekly retrospective email with a heads up that I may be driving and muted for the Dev Meeting.
  • Prepare for the music festival this weekend.
  • Take Sam, my girlfriend who is sick at the moment, home.

When I get caught up in my negative emotions, whether that means the feeling of being overwhelmed, or stressed, or angry, it’s when I’ve gotten caught up in the moment. Not in a present state, when I’m aware of myself and the world, but lost in my own head.

If I just take the damn time to realize that I’m feeling overwhelmed and ask “why”, I get the clarity to cut through my negative emotions.

Ask more questions

Some thoughts on communication:

  1. A part of communication is asking more questions, but also better questions too.
  2. If you’re asking someone else for permission, ask early so they can accommodate their plans.
  3. Don’t be fearful of not knowing. Being proud and refusing to ask questions is a good way to not ever find out, and also look stupid.

Not a Writer

I didn’t write yesterday. I was working and the feedback from my brother was really hard to swallow. The code was sloppy, I hadn’t double checked the Github issue to make sure I’ve completed everything, and I didn’t communicate like I should have. It just looks like I’m not taking advantage of this opportunity. But I’m frustrating because I’m actively trying to do better.

I’m not reaching my hours. I’m not performing at the level I want. I’m not communicating like I should.

I’ve got to do better.

Some Learnings

I’ve discovered that the title of the file becomes the blog post name. Waking up earlier should be my daily goal. When I wake up earlier, I have more time to do all the daily habits that I try to build for myself. Otherwise, the day feels rushed and I get less done and feel less accomplished. Some food for thought.